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My main is an orc decked out in full Glass armor for the sweet looks (your armor doesn't matter, all types can hit the cap) and I prefer the Light Armor perks that prevents damage and gives you stamina instead of the Heavy Armor ones that reflects damage and uh, boost your hand to hand.

I love the shimmering translucent green with the gold inlays, and the avian theme of all elven gear looks good with it unlike the gold-only of Elven armor.

He has swaps for 100% reduction in all schools that weigh nothing due to the bug with the Light Armor perk that applies to ALL of it in your inventory (or something like that).

He runs the Atronach stone for the 50% spell absorption.

My paladin build uses the dawnbreaker along with the spellbreaker.Wear the falmer heavy armor without the helmet on my destruction/conjuration necromage and whatever the black hood clothing item is called.I like buying and enchanting cloths from radiant refinement for task specific things.But I became partial to the look of the nordic carved armor, even over the deathbrand set, and daedric armors.I dunno why but I liked the way it looked in the end.

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