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Similarly, Marcus’ donor passes the funding through Pipes’ 501c3, where it earns a tax-deduction.It then goes to the Brandeis Center, with Pipes taking a percentage for the “service” he provides.The Koret Foundation, a large Bay Area Jewish foundation and major funder of Islamophobia, donated ,000 to the Brandeis Center in the same year.

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In fact, The Nation noted the Koch libertarian philanthropic juggernaut offers tremendous support to a panoply of pro-Israel and Islamophobic groups: The billionaire conservatives also fund, through the Donors Capital Fund, anti-Palestinian groups such as CAMERA and Stand With Us, in addition to Daniel Pipes’ Middle East Foundation, which in turn has acted as a “conveyor belt” for funding ultra-Zionist organizations such as the Brandeis Center and the AMCHA Initiative.When the local human and gay rights community protested, the reception was abruptly cancelled.Marcus will speak on legal causes of action for students who are affected by religious bias and discrimination on college campuses, and how universities can promote the civil rights of all students by adopting definitions of antisemitism [sic] and other religious discrimination.Among Marcus’ more bizarre claims was that a photograph posted to social media of a Muslim-American Michigan University student stabbing a pineapple with a knife alongside the caption, “It’s on,” was an example of violent anti-Semitism on campus.Further investigation of the 2014 incident at the University of Michigan showed it was a jocular taunt directed against the Arab members of a competing basketball team.

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