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Many provisions of the Animal Protection Act are routinely breached, such as the ban on killing animals in a brutal way including hanging by the neck, killing in public areas or in front of other animals of the same species.

In China, Vietnam, Nagaland in India and other places across Asia, an estimated 30million dogs are brutally killed and eaten each year.

Nara Kim, HSI's South Korea dog meat campaigner, said: 'Eating dog is a dying practice in Korea, especially among young people.

However, the Bok Nal days of summer still lead many to eat dog meat soup in the mistaken belief that it will invigorate the blood in the sluggish heat.

She was found cowering in her cage, too afraid to lift her head or make eye contact.

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The rescues and farm closures are part of a broader strategy that aims to encourage the South Korean government to end the cruel dog meat industry.Opposition to the dog meat trade is growing among Korean citizens and politicians, and even the newly elected President Moon Jae-in recently adopted a dog named Tory who was rescued from a dog meat farm.The dogs are being flown to the US where they will be placed in animal shelters in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to help them start a new life with loving families The one in Yesan is the ninth dog meat farm that HSI has permanently closed since 2014, rescuing and rehoming nearly 1,000 dogs by working in co-operation with dog meat farmers keen to get out of the trade.They were destined to be electrocuted, butchered and sold at a meat market - but now, 149 dogs and new-born puppies have been saved from the pot in South Korea.The rescue operation comes just as the country's Bok Nal summer season gets underway, during which more than one million dogs are killed and eaten as a spicy soup - in the belief it invigorates the blood and improves stamina during the hot weather.

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